60k ESL Pump Overhaul Maintenance Kit
Rated Pressure: 60k
Spares/Maint Kits: Maintenance Kit

60k ESL Pump Overhaul Maintenance Kit

This kit contains the following components for electric shift intensifier pumps and is not designed for mechanical shift pumps (30SA): 1 x High Pressure Seal Kit 2 x High Pressure Cylinders 2 x Check Valve Assemblies 2 x UHP Plunger Assemblies 1 x Low Pressure Seal Kit 1 x Bleed Down Valve Maint Kit 2 x Electric Shift Actuator Assemblies 1 x Electric Shift Sensor Assembly 2 x Electric Shift Firing Pins 1 x Backup Ring 1 x O-Ring
    Pump Type
  • 60k ESL

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